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Grave of volunteer Stephen Mulvey who lived in St Brigid’s Terrace, Bray. (Photo: Philip Ryan)
Grave of volunteer Stephen Mulvey who lived in St Brigid’s Terrace, Bray. (Photo: Philip Ryan)

Inspired to take part in the County Wicklow 1916-2016 Centenary Commemoration Programme, Bray Camera Club members undertook this photographic project to research and illustrate our county’s level of involvement in those troubled times and to reflect on life in our community today.

While there was no armed insurrection here in 1916, we learned through the gracious sharing of his knowledge by local historian, Brian White, that there is a long list ofnames ofpeople who were either natives ofour county or who migrated here from other parts, who had involvement in the rebellion. Similarly, no Great War military action occurred in County Wicklow but 1,200 natives of our county died in that war.

With that in mind, our project highlights a small sample of ordinary men and women of Wicklow who believed in and engaged in the causes of the day. We look at how their memory has been preserved around us and, poignantly, how in the greater world and in our community there is still cause for struggle; a struggle that today’s community volunteers and greater bodies tackle with commensurate integrity and dedication. It also highlights how the citizens of Wicklow combine as a community in educating our children about the past, encourages them to understand their past, question the present and provides them the platform to present their aspirations for the future.

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